HR Tri-Loaf FD3S (20B 3 Rotor FD RX-7)

Phase 1 Is complete.
Look for phase 2-5 to be completed soon.

Tri-Loaf, what is that? At HR, the term "loaf" engine is slang for the rotary motor. It's derived from the design & it's assembly/building process. The housings (& internals) are stacked together like a loaf of bread. Tri is a given, for the # Three. (3 rotor) Giving birth to the HR Tri-Loaf FD3S.

Starting with a 100% bone stock FD, Himni Racing Has Set New Standards & criterias for what a street driven 20B 3 rotor FD3S RX-7 should be. We have taken all the normal & conventional 20B to FD3S conversion methods, used by other shops & thrown them in the trash. HR steps up & raises the bar yet again, producing an extreme, well rounded & balanced street converted 20B FD3S. Staying true to HR form, the attention to detail is second to non!

** The HR Tri-Loaf FD uses a 100% factory front sub-frame, steering rack, & spindles to insure that the car will still perform as it should. No modifications or relocations were made to these parts. The engine sits clean & as low as possible. The weight was moved around intelligently to achieve strong a strong layout. The car is loaded with many one-off, HR hand made parts from the SS turbo exhaust manifold, to monster sized fuel rails, 4" exhaust, mounts, etc. There is a lot of secret work done to this car. Much off it was to carefully move the power band around to make it as potent as possible. The work & efforts paid off for sure on a grand scale!

This is another Himni Racing on-going project. The car will always be changing & upgrading so keep stopping by to all the new changes & completed build phases. We aren't even close to done with it yet!

:::Mod List:::

**Battery / Charging
Hyper Grounding
1000 cranking Amp Batt. (Rear Mount)
FD3S Alt. w/ GReddy pulleys

**Body & Interior
Carbon Fiber Front Bumper
Carbon Fiber Hood
Projector Headlight conversion
99 Spec Bumper Lights.
Custom Leather Seats w/ embroidered Himni Racing Logo
HR Carbon Fiber rear deck
5 Zigen Steering Wheel

Power Slot Rotors
Hawk HP Pads
Stainless braided lines

Himni Racing Stainless Steel Mandel Rad. Pipes (powder coated)
Himni Racing Silicone Rad Hoses.
Himni Racing Aluminum Water Outlet Neck w/ Filler
Himni Racing Aluminum Under Belly pan/shroud.
Monster Dual Pass custom built Radiator
Large twin Oil Coolers
Black Magic E-fan
Digital Elec. Fan Controller
Custom FD3S Water Pump & Housing. (Powder Coated & Polished)
Hi-Flow P/S Cooler
Greddy Water Pump Pulley (powder coated)
Custom Machined Water pump idler Bracket & Pulley

Rebuilt S6 Transmission
Exedy Hyper Twin Disc Clutch Kit w/ Flywheel
Himni Racing Trans Brace Reinforcement.
Himni Racing Rear Diff. Brace
B&M Short shifter
Neo in the LSD
Stainless Steel Braided Clutch Line

Microtech LT12s Stand Alone EMS (3 Bar MAP)

Mazda 20B 3 Rotor Rotary Engine with:
Custom FD to 20B Motor Mounts (Stock Sub-Frame)
Himni Racing Aluminum block-off plates
Himni Racing Magnetic oil drain plug
Himni Racing SS Oil Fill Tube & Custom Wastegate Dip-stick = )
Himni Racing Customized Oil Pan. (now 6 quart)
FD & 20B Serpentine Pulley Configuration (Powder Coated)
Himni Racing Modified P/S Pump Bracket (Polished & Powder Coated)
Relocated Alt. (Powder Coated)

:Garrett GT42RS (GT4202R) Dual Ball Bearing Turbo (Ceramic Coated Turbine Housing, polished compressor housing)
: GT42R 3.5" V-band slip flange kit
: Himni Racing Large Diameter aluminum intercooler tubing (Powder Coated)
: Himni Racing Stainless Steel Full Tubular Exhaust Manifold (Ceramic Coated)
: Himni Racing Aluminum manifold heat shield
: Himni Racing SS Oil Feed, Return & Water Lines & fittings.
: 4-Ply, fiber Reinforced Silicone Couplers & T-Bolt Clamps
: TiAL 60mm (V60) V-band External Wastegate w/ HR SS Heat Shield
:TiAL 50mm Blow Off Valve
: Custom Itsu Motorsports Front Mount Intercooler (Bar & Plate)
: Greddy Profec Boost Controller

Ported FD3S Throttle Body
Port & Polished Upper Intake Manifold w/ Custom Cable Mount
Sectioned/Machined Lower Intake Manifold w/ Port & Powder Coat
Himni Racing Custom GReddy Throttle Body Elbow
Himni Racing Stainless Steel manifold Heat Shield

Himni Racing, 4.00" to 3.50" all Mandrel bent Signal exhaust
1: Himni Racing Full 4.00" Stainless Mandrel V-Band Race Downpipe
2: Himni Racing 4.00" Midpipe with Stainless Steel Packed pre-silencer & Flex Bellow
3: HKS Hi-Power Ti Turbo Muffler

750cc Primary Injectors
1650cc Secondarily Injectors
Himni Racing Custom Top Feed 20B Fuel Rails (Thanks Mike!)
Black Andodized -8 Hi-Flow Fuel Filter
Aero Fuel Pressure Regulator w/ 1" gauge
Light Composite Braided Lines & Fittings (-8 Feed, -6 return)
Himni Racing Customized fuel tank.
Twin Bosch fuel Pumps

60mm Carbon Fiber gauge cup (pillar)
Dual pod on a-pillar
Defi Water Temp Gauge
Defi Oil Pressure Gauge
Defi Tach.
HKS 60mm Boost Gauge

Magnecor R-100 wires
#10 Iridium Plugs
Microtech X6 Ignition
Bosch Coils (x6) w/ Himni Racing Mounting Brackets

Tokico 5 way Adjustable Struts (Front & Rear)
Ground Control Coilovers w/ custom spring rates
Himni Racing Stainless Steel Rear strut bar

**Tires / Wheels
17" X 8" 5 Zigen FN01R (front)
17" X 9" 5 Zigen FN01R (rear)
Tires - Many

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