Libby's S5 FC3S RX-7

Libby's 1991 (S5) N/A FC3S is a very sound RX-7 daily driver. The car is in excellent condition inside & out. It's basically stock with only a few upgrades & many new OEM parts. This is another very well maintained car with functional everything. Reliable, great gas mileage, very smooth on the road with that true sports car feel. Even in considerable stock form, it's surprising what's it's capable of. The HR exhaust system on this car produces a very deep note that's usually never heard from the 13B engine.

This FC is being prepped for a Turbo II engine swap now. We've done countless of these swaps over the years & we expect it to go off without a hitch. It's getting all the basic turbo swap parts such as the S5 TII 4 port engine & trans, ECU, MAP, AFM, harness, walbro fuel pump, 3" downpipe & custom drive shaft. They make for a great turbo daily driver with this in this configuration.
Keep an eye out for the updated pics coming soon.

Rebuilt S5 engine.
Emissions removed
Tokico blue shocks & struts
Full HR exhaust system with header
X-Drilled brake rotors
Exedy Clutch
New Corvette C6 Red Paint
Many new OEM Parts

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