Mike's FB 13B Franken-Bridge

Back to basics & staying True to the rotary roots!!! It's nice to sometimes flash back to the days of carbs & N/A power. The unmistakable "prot" & sound of a N/A bridge ported rotary in the distance, about to make it's way to staging. A smile jumps on your face as the hair on the back of your neck stands on end knowing what's about to come. A rotary is here & demands your respect as it unloads a 12,000 RPM burnout & gives you a peak into the future as to what's about to come.

Mike's 1983 GSL FB RX-7 has some very extensive work done to it. The engine (dubbed Franken-Bridge) was built here at HR. It's a Bridge ported, S4 13BT 4 port w/ S4 6-port N/A rotors. By using the 4 port housings with the 6 port higher compression rotors, we were able to create more HP then with 6 port housings. This is largely due to the increased air velocity the 4 port housings provide. The power makes it way to the factory LSD through a FC Turbo II trans. with custom mounting. The stock water to air oil cooler was ditch in favor of custom FC3S air to air oil cooler. The oil pan received some fabrication to allow proper fitment with the 12A front cover. With the oil injection removed, the car now uses synthetic oil & premix @ the pump.

Looks like there is a lot more power for this car in the very near future. The decision was recently made to drop the carb & N/A to go to Fuel Injection & Boost. This car is about to get really fun, quick!

:: Old Mod List ::

Himni Franken-Bridge Ported 13B engine with solid corner seals.
Holley 650 CFM Double pumper carb.
Racing Beat intake manifold
Himni Racing 3.00" Mandel V-band exhaust w/ header
High-Flow Fuel Pump w/ Aluminum fuel Lines (under car)
Custom TII to FB Drive Shaft
Aeromotive FPR
-6 AN push Lock lines & Fuel Filter
ACT Street-lite Flywheel & Clutch
ST Lowering Springs
Custom Interior with needed gauges
Rear Mounted Batt.
Aftermarket steering wheel & custom hub

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