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Garrett GT3788R Ball Bearing Turbo (675 HP)

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  • Model: 772719 , 751451
  • Manufactured by: Garrett

Have a question or need help? Not sure about what housing or A/R you need? Email us through our "Contact Us" page & we will be happy to help.

Garrett GT3788R dual BB Turbo.

This turbo is capable of 675 HP. Brand New authentic Garrett Dual Ball Bearing GT3788R Turbo assembly available in T3 or T4 exhaust/turbine housings, both with 3" v-band downpipe outlet. 3 A/R's to pick from. This allows you to get the best layout for your needs. This turbo comes with a large ported anti-surge compressor housing with 4.00 inlet and 2.50" outlet.

The Garrett GT3788R (PN 772719-1, 2, & 3) is outline interchangeable with the larger GT4088R but with similar responsiveness to the smaller GT3582R. The GT3788R is perfect for 2.0L - 5.0L engines looking to make 440 - 675 HP. Twin scroll T4 turbine housing makes for quick spool up. With real Garrett GT, you can brake the rules ... Have fast spool & BIG HP at the same time!

Note:: ALL of our Garrett GT turbochargers come Fully Balanced from the factory & have the Manufacturers Warranty.

The turbo part number change based on the turbine & compressor housing selected, CHRA numbers only, etc. The following Garrett P/N's applies to this turbo.

The Garrett GT series line up is much more efficient then the old "T" technology & provides spool-up 1000's of RPMs quicker. The GT series turbos are stronger, more reliable, have less shaft movement, better flow dynamics, less lag....the list goes on. Simply put, GT blows T away!!

-Housing A/R:
-Housing Style: Ported anti-surge w/ 4" inlet, 2.5" outlet

Turbine / Exhaust:
-Housing A/R: Your Pick of .89 A/R, .99A/R, 1.11 A/R
-Housing Style: T3 OR Twin scroll T4 divided w/ 3" V-band exit

Center Section:
-Dual Stainless Steel Ball Bearings
-Oil & Water Cooled

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